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The Problem of Low Bioavailability of Oral Antioxidants

Many antioxidants are available on the market as supplements to be taken via pills or functional drinks. Unfortunately, most antioxidants’ bioavailability is very low when taken orally (including the popular resveratrol as found in red wine, green tea EGCG, and curcumin): as low as 1% or less.


That means less than 1% of such supplement antioxidants are actually available in the bloodstream. The problem originates from the digestive system breakdown, clearance, and non-absorption of the antioxidants.  

Breathing Health

Antioxidants are really meant to be taken into the body by breathing. “Forest bathing” is well-recognized in traditional Japanese culture, and there is strong science to support it.


Antioxidants are absorbed by the body best through breathing. The problem is most of us live in cities, not forests. The Air Tonics Sleep Augmentation System brings natural air micronutrients to your home and office, with a unique scientifically designed and formulated approach.

Taking antioxidants with pills gives a short peak of effective bioavailability at most. The Air Tonics System gives you multiple hours of high level of antioxidants throughout your body, for prolonged health-enhancing effect.

The Importance of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals. Free radicals are created as a natural byproduct of normal metabolism.


Oxidative stress caused by these free radicals has been linked to increased tissue damage, aging, and disease states.


Antioxidants in Nature

Plants have a large number of bioactive compounds with high antioxidant activity. The health benefits of natural products are ascribed by scientists to their unique antioxidant content, such as resveratrol (commonly associated with red wine) and EGCG molecules (found in green tea).


Beyond the general reactive oxidant scavenging, the specific antioxidant molecules have unique properties. In particular, antioxidants are essentially the plant’s defense system against environmental stresses (like heat, toxins, metabolic, etc.) and biological threats (such as pathogenic microbes, insects, etc.).


Therefore, scientific research is exploring the possibility of similar benefits these antioxidants can generate for health enhancement in the human body. 

Inhalation of Antioxidants

When walking in the forest, the air is rich with antioxidants emitted from the natural vegetation. In breathing, the systemic bioavailability absorption of antioxidant molecules deposited in the lungs is as high as 50% (in contrast with the low bioavailability of oral intake).


Therefore, in pre-historical natural settings, antioxidants are richly available to all animals for intake by breathing, while eating antioxidants is rarely, if ever, possible. Thus, from an evolutionary perspective, inhalation may actually be the most natural route of plant source antioxidants into the human body.


Unfortunately, in modern life, we spend over 90% of the time breathing indoors and in the poor-quality city air environment.   

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The Air Tonics System
Image by bruce mars

The Air Tonics System is a breakthrough method of delivering antioxidant micronutrients through a formulated, localized aerosol. The System generates a cloud of just the right concentration of micronutrients through a steady stream of air to mimic natural, revitalizing environments like a Japanese forest or a salt cave spa. While you will notice the effects of the enriched air, there is no strong or intrusive smell.


The Air Tonics System also provides the most efficient delivery of key antioxidants, including resveratrol and green tea—all for more restful, restorative sleep.


Perhaps best of all, the Air Tonics System is designed for localized, on-demand, personalized air. And with your Air Tonics device, you can use any formula you choose as we made it so easy to change. Just as individual coffee capsules can be used interchangeably in one single Nespresso® coffee maker, you can easily change out your antioxidant formula for the micronutrients to suit your individual needs with just one Air Tonics device.

For example, if you have had a highly stressful day, choose the Forest Bathing formula with your Air Tonics system. If you are interested in smoother, easier breathing, choose the Salt Cave formula. Or, if you have been struggling to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, choose the Sleep Support formula. Then turn it on, lie down, and enjoy a restful night engulfed in antioxidant-enriched air.

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