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Green tea is potentially one of the most beneficial beverages available. It provides an array of powerful antioxidants with an impressive list of potential health-boosting effects. Unfortunately, the nutrients in green tea (such as EGCG) can be down-graded by the digestive system, leaving just .01 to 5% of the ingested antioxidants available to the body. Thus, when consumed, you may experience only a fraction of the benefits.


To get the greatest impact from the polyphenol antioxidants found in green tea, you can instead fill the air you breathe with EGCG, which may help:


  • Fight oxidative damage *
  • Support heart health *
  • Enhance exercise recovery *
  • Promote health span and longevity *

All while you sleep!

Air Tonics Green Tea Antioxidants

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  • List price (Starter Kit including: Air Tonics Base Diffuser + Cartridge + 1 month of formulation capsules (30)): $147.00 (save $10 with purchase of device + cartridge)

    1 month / 1-time purchase list price: $87.00

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