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Everyone remembers the feeling of well-being

associated with

A walk by the sea | A mountain path | A long forest hike

What if we could bring the goodness of nature's air home?

Now We Can

Our unique device and formulations generate personalized air composition which emulates all the goodness of nature, delivered to you while you sleep and breathe in naturally -- as if you were camping out in your favorite place – pitching a tent in the Himalayas or spending a forever vacation on a tropical island. All in the comfort of your own bed.

Wellness is in the Air

What distinguishes forest air from city air is the natural antioxidants coming out of particular vegetation.


Putting these antioxidants in the air brings them into your blood, affecting stress level reduction with no harmful chemicals or byproducts.

Scientific research on antioxidants indicates this reduces harmful free radicals, can improve body tissue repair, and prevent neurodegeneration. 

Sleep Better
Wake Up Healthier

Finally a way to emulate the bounty of nature's air at home - wherever you sleep.

Transforming the Business of Science

into Wellness

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Founder. Leslie Broudo, Ph.D.  Dr. Broudo built and ran the largest entrepreneurial practice at the Wharton School. She was subsequently the CEO of EDSi, an Education Technology Fund, and most recently the Head of the Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University. Broudo earned her MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Management and Operations and her Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.


Founder. Oron Zachar, PhD. Dr. Zachar is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded and managed a medical device company Biovo Technologies. Zachar obtained his Ph.D in theoretical physics at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He holds over 20 patents in multiple fields, including medical devices, pharmaceutical creams, and optical memory encoding.

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