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Air Tonics: Enhance Your Sleep

Can you improve the health benefits of sleep?

Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, most of us simply don’t get enough sleep and can’t do much to change it. Others struggle with poor sleep quality, wake frequently throughout the night, or suffer from sleep breathing issues.

Yet, the quality of your sleep directly affects how well you feel during the day. Sleep impacts your productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, immune function, and even your weight.

Can you proactively enhance sleep quality and get more out of each hour of sleep? 

Air Tonics: Enhance the Benefits of Sleep

Scientists suggest that one of the main functions of sleep is to defend against oxidative stress for both the body and the brain.

AirTonics is the first, and only, company to help you become proactive about your health as you dream by enriching the air you breathe with antioxidant micronutrients. Each antioxidant provides unique health-enhancing properties. 

Air Tonics: the only solution for enhancing the health-boosting effects of sleep.

Nourish Your Sleep




50% – 70%

Inhaled antioxidants

Only 0.01% – 5%

Ingested antioxidants

While we do get nutrients from foods, unfortunately, only a very small fraction of the antioxidants are absorbed. There’s another lesser-known yet much more efficient way to nourish the body with antioxidants…

Through the air we breathe.

In the past, the only solution was to travel to better air. To forests, salt caves, the ocean, waterfalls…

That all changes now!

Air Tonics: One Breath at a Time

Spending a day in the forest or at the beach is rejuvenating. But most of us don't have that opportunity. In one hour with our system, you can absorb the antioxidants found after spending a full day in nature.

Our state-of-the-art multi-application platform system allows for hands-free, health-promoting sleep augmentation. Just breathe…

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Natural breathing health solutions 

Highest antioxidant delivery effectiveness

Undegraded by digestive system modifications


Air Tonics Augmented Air: Product Solutions

With one powerful Air Tonics System, you can augment the air around you as you sleep with a variety of antioxidant formulations. Choose from the Air Tonics formulas below:

Resveratrol Boost

Promote brain health when you need it most—at night as you sleep—with this powerful antioxidant formula.

Green Tea Antioxidants


Enrich the air with potent tea polyphenols
to support improved overall health.

Forest Bathing

Bring the forest home every night with forest-emulating antioxidants to enhance health, reduce stress, relax, and breathe.

Salt Cave Experience


Breathe better to help repair and recover with the cleansing air of salt caves from the comfort of your own bed.

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